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Angus Beef

Angus cattle raised locally
in Tennessee

Free Range

Our cattle roam freely
outside, no
indoor enclosures

No Added Hormones

JT Family Farms’ cattle
consume only ALL

Farm Local

Burgers, Roasts, Steaks, Brisket and more...


JT Family Farms offers all natural, grass fed, grain finished, hormone free Angus beef. Our cattle free-range over 400 acres of lush, rolling landscape situated on “short mountain” between Smithville and Woodbury, Tennessee.

Our partners have backgrounds in animal science, premium feeds, and proper grass maintenance to ensure a healthy, free ranging herd year round. We recognize that there is more consumer interest in the source of quality food than at any other time in our history. More than just the best flavor, there is also interest in health, sustainability, and humane treatment.

We have taken care of every detail to ensure our customers get the very best, high-quality Angus beef. Whether served at a restaurant or a dinner table, JT Family Farms’ beef is THE CHOICE for local, healthy, and delicious Angus beef.


Our Angus beef can be acquired by individuals, families, local restaurants, and other farms. We offer purchasing options to meet a range of customer needs. Beef orders can be made by the herd, the head, or even the share (1/3 beef). Your meat is processed locally and YOU make the choices in regard to cuts, portions, and timing.