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Countless song birds enjoy the habitat annually especially in late Spring and early Summer with the arrival of over 61 flowering and colorful native wildflowers. Hummingbirds, bees, and even the Monarch butterfly call JT Family Farms home each year.

Amidst the majestic landscape nestled in the rolling hills of Tennessee sits the lodge and barn which is perfect for an exclusive outdoor retreat and/or event.


The Lodge began as a simple conversion of Mr. Scales old hay barn. Several additions and upgrades later, we have a beautiful, rustic retreat that retains elements of sentimental value. All the old barn wood that lined the original cattle and hay stalls has been repurposed throughout the structure.

Wood from an 150+ year-old mill out of Columbia, Tennessee forms the ceilings in the great room which also boasts a 100+ year old baby grand, tiger mahogany piano complete with ivory keys. Decor from many middle Tennessee antique stores adorn every room.

Every nook encourages one to relax and contemplate times gone by with warm tones and a relaxing combination of natural materials…wood, stone, granite, custom metalwork and Amish-made rocking chairs and bench on the wrap around front porch, which also has an indoor/outdoor fireplace…the perfect place to watch the stars or listen to a cricket concert. So sit back, relax and stroll around…you’ll find something interesting around every corner.

The staff of volunteers works tirelessly to ensure our guests are well served.